Emotional Eating Unlocked

Are you ready to stop late-night binge eating once and for all?

You're in the right place.


You're not alone...

I can’t tell you how often I talk to women who have had a lifelong struggle with their weight.

Gaining and losing the same 15-30 lbs over the decades.

They tell me, that sometimes they feel like they're making leaps and bounds–everything is going well in life and they can stick to all of the nourishing eating habits they have. Other times they stumble; turning to food for comfort, feeling overwhelmed by the stresses of life, and slipping back into old patterns.

Can you relate?

If So, Emotional Eating Unlocked Is Designed For YOU!

In this 16-week private coaching program, I will help you go from an overwhelmed overeater to a liberated, confident, Queen who is completely in control of food.

  • You'll have access to the Emotional Eating Unlocked training videos, and all nutrition education resources
  • You'll have a weekly private coaching call with me
  • Ongoing support in between our coaching calls for those SOS moments!

Hi, I'm Lisa!

I've been where you are, feeling burnt out, yo-yo dieting, over-exercising, overeating the entire tub of ice cream without enjoying it because I also ate a whole row of cookies, a bag of chips, and I don’t know how many chocolate-covered almonds. 

I'd feel completely sick to my stomach and think "I should get rid of all junk food in my kitchen so that I never do this again!!"

Here I go into the depths of shame and guilt. "What’s wrong with me…why can’t I stop doing this…I know better..."

I kept losing and gaining the same 10-20 lbs while battling a poor body image. But I turned things around–it took me over 5 years to stop the cycle and rebuild my relationship with myself–you'll do it in just a few months!

I can't wait to support you, and hold the space for you to make groundbreaking changes. Together, we'll ignite that spark within you to live the life you are destined for, in a body you feel confident!


Don't just take my word for it...

You can do this because I’ve been where you are...and I know what it takes to break free.

Over the last decade, I've helped hundreds of frustrated and confused women who have had a lifelong struggle with their weight turn their emotions and sensitivity into their superpower. At the end of our coaching, they feel confident that they can trust their incredible self-control around food.

Here's what clients are saying:

Get Ready For a Life-Changing Experience!

Here's a breakdown of what you can expect:


Month 1

In the first month of our program, you'll embark on a transformative journey, learning to sit with urges and navigate uncomfortable emotions without turning to food. Gain a deep sense of self-trust and willpower, empowering you to make confident, empowered choices around food. You'll also discover how to identify and understand your emotions, develop healthy coping mechanisms, and break the habit of using food to cope with boredom, upset, or loneliness.


Month 2

In the second month of our program, you'll reconnect with your body's hunger cues, distinguishing between true and emotional hunger to regain control over your eating habits and nourish your body and mind. Through essential tools and strategies, you'll cultivate self-trust in your food choices and body, fostering full self-control and a lasting, positive relationship with food and yourself. Additionally, you'll learn to self-regulate your nervous system during heightened stress, promoting calmness and resilience to life's challenges.


Month 3

In the third month of our program, you'll delve into the deeper lessons of emotional eating, identifying the underlying messages it holds, such as letting go of perfectionism, practicing patience, and establishing better boundaries. You'll also uncover and reprogram limiting dietary beliefs, cultivated over the years, to affirm your worthiness and potential. Furthermore, you'll learn to navigate setbacks and successes in your emotional eating journey, gaining valuable insights and tools for sustainable progress.


Month 4

In the fourth month, you'll embark on a journey of self-compassion, learning to appreciate and accept your body as it is. You'll confront the barriers holding you back, and identify areas where honesty can propel you forward. You'll establish a strong foundation for your continued journey in food, nutrition, and relationship with your body. You'll be setting the stage for lasting transformation and growth!

Spring 2024 Enrolment Is Open Now & Coaching Begins In:


I was struggling with emotional eating, which was impacting my weight. I felt a bit hopeless, like whatever I was doing wasn't good enough and was never going to work. I was surprised at how quickly I saw results and how flexible the program could be to meet my needs. It was incredible. I felt so encouraged, like I was taking a step in the right direction, and that I was equipped with all of the information that I needed to start my journey. I would absolutely recommend working with Lisa!

— Catia Fallone

The problem isn't that you need to restrict yourself more or to exercise harder...

The real issue is overeating due to stress, boredom, overwhelm, or using food as a reward, which is hindering your weight loss progress.

You don't need another quick-fix diet—you need a sustainable solution that addresses the root cause of your emotional eating.

I'll show you in Emotional Eating Unlocked!


My body image and self-worth were at an all-time low. I felt extremely overwhelmed. I had no trust in myself left, I was always searching for the next best thing to try and add more restrictions which just ended up in cycles of bingeing and self-loathing. I’ve had a lot of stress and breakdowns around eating and food. The biggest thing that stood out to me in the program was how much I needed to be my own friend and how long it’s been since I’ve been battling with myself and that inner voice. Building a relationship back with myself meant being kind and listening more to my needs and not the “ I should and shouldn’t” “it’s bad or it’s good” or “I don’t deserve this." Stress around food and body image will be there. That’s something that will take time to break free from, and this program can give you the knowledge you need to know how to continue your journey.

— Samantha Simon

I invite you to take a moment to imagine what's possible for you...

  • What if you could wake up each morning ready to embrace the day with ease and confidence... feeling free from food rules and the constant thinking of your next meal
  • To no longer struggle with the extremes of being starving or being stuffed with no in between...and instead finding balance and being able to trust yourself and your body with food
  • To feel confident in your skin, have a healthy and sustainable relationship with nutrition, and be free from counting calories once and for all

I want you to know that you really can have it all!

What Clients Are Saying

Thank you Lisa!!

"I have mastered not overeating, and I’m so proud because I don’t like the feeling that I’m going to explode and bust out of my pants! Thank You Lisa for all your support, I am more confident and have all the tools I need so I can continue on my journey to reach my weight loss goal!"

Kim Percy

Amazing. Just...Amazing!!

"When I tried to do it on my own, I would make micro-progressions but never be able to see and maintain consistent results. What stood out to me was that it was personalized to me and came with lots of helpful references that I can continue to re-use after the program ends!"

Andrea Salaniuk


Is this program for me if I have tried diets before and they haven't worked but I still want to lose weight?

Absolutely. Emotional Eating Unlocked is the perfect fit if you're exhausted from endless diets, calorie counting, and food restrictions, and if you feel powerless over your relationship with food. Our program is designed to help you cultivate self-trust, freeing you from the cycle of yo-yo dieting. By breaking free from these patterns, you'll discover a newfound freedom to live without the constant preoccupation of your next meal. This sets the stage for a healthier, more sustainable approach to making informed decisions about food and your body that lasts a lifetime.

How does the program work?

Each week you will work through one module in the Emotional Eating Unlocked curriculum and we will have a scheduled private coaching call. Our coaching calls will be scheduled weekly for 3 weeks with the fourth week off to integrate all that you have learned. Coaching will pick back up the following week for a total of 16 weeks.

If this isn't a diet, will it actually be healthy?

Yes! Restrictive dieting preoccupies us with food rules, disconnecting us from living and enjoying our lives. Being on a diet with a restrictive food list disconnects you from your body's hunger and satiety cues. Emotional Eating Unlocked will reconnect you to your body, rebuild your trust and relationship with yourself, and separate food facts and food fears so that you can make your own well-informed decisions about what is healthy and how to eat in a way where you are not feeling guilty or deprived and instead feeling confident, happy, and crystal clear on what it takes to maintain the body you love.

How does the sign-up process work?

1. Book a free call with me to discuss what you are struggling with right now, we'll get clear on what your goal is, and determine if this program is a good fit for you.

2. Schedule our weekly coaching calls together, and you will gain access to the Emotional Eating Unlocked online platform the week of our first coaching call.

3. If our first call is more than a week away from your sign-up date you can get a head start in your journey with the Emotional Eating Unlocked Workbook.

How much does the program cost?

While this program lasts for only four months, its impact is truly transformative. This investment in yourself is unlike any diet or meal plan you've tried before, offering long-lasting benefits that will change the course of your life. During our free discovery call, we'll discuss the program cost and available payment options, ensuring it's a good fit for you.

What is your refund policy?

It's normal to feel uneasy because change can feel difficult. As your coach, it's my job not to give up on you–I'm in your corner every step of the way. If within the first 7 days of enrolling and before our first coaching call you decide that you would like to not move forward with coaching a full refund may be issued. After your first 7 days and our first coaching call has passed, no refunds will be issued.

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