Are you tired of feeling restricted, counting calories and obsessing about food?

Inside this guide I’ll help you break the diet mentality so that you can maintain a healthy weight without ever sacrificing pleasure or fun.

Here's the problem with diet culture... it's self-destructive. It’s constantly telling you that you’re not good enough unless you are (insert inaccurate belief), therefore you need to do more of (insert unhealthy behaviour). It's time to break up with the dieting mentality! Inside this guide I’ll share…

  • My top 5 strategies for helping you break up with diet culture AND still achieve a healthy body weight, without all the restriction, deprivation and negative self-talk
  • We’ll cover the basics of metabolism and how to get yours into balance
  • I’ll share my Anti Diet Recipe book where you will find a collection of delicious recipes I put together just for you. These recipes will keep you inspired and help you eat more nutrient-dense foods.

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